Why practice forest therapy?

Being in nature and surrounded by so many beings, we have the opportunity to disconnect from the busyness of life, let go of our constant stream of thoughts and uncover what gives us joy and peace. The forest reveals what we need to experience healing and peace. Forest therapy gives participants time and space for slowing down enough to reconnect with themselves, others and the natural world.

How Forest Therapy Works

In this practice, we say, “The forest is the healer and the guide opens the doors.” Through safe and gentle, two to three hour walks led by a certified forest therapy guide, participants are introduced to the forest and other natural environments through a series of invitations.

Following their curiosity, participants open their senses to the natural world and develop their own relationship with the forest to decide what they need from the experience.

The guide is not a therapist in this context and does not have a desired agenda or any prescribed outcomes for participants.