Before and After

I arrive with hopes of feeling peaceful and connected.

Searching this outdoor space for meaning that my inside may feel its wholeness.

Moving THROUGH nature is my usual pace. I wonder, what will it be like just sitting with her?
Perhaps observing that Mother Earth never rushes, I will receive permission to relax.

I leave this forested place with my hopes realized.
My mind is focused having left behind scattered and frenzied thoughts.

Feeling refreshed with a renewed sense of control and connection, I greet the feelings I encountered today with calm and am connected to myself and Mother Nature.

“I am so glad to have taken the time for myself, commune with nature and feel the calmness. I would recommend this to everyone. I plan to take it again.”

“For the first time, I don’t feel like an intruder in the forest.”

“We are so disconnected from people and the world around us, but forest therapy gives an opportunity to reconnect with the larger world and ourselves.”

“I almost didn’t come as I hold my weekend time as much needed respite. So glad I came and got the respite I needed.”